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We’re told that as the plague of darkness fell upon ancient Egypt, that it was a special kind of darkness. It was a darkness not of the sky, but a darkness of the heart. People lost the ability to see each other.

Might it not be that this virus episode has in some ways brought us closer to each other? As the virus has spread throughout the world, so has our sense of empathy increased as we realize that we are all in this together. We are all trying to make do with remaining in our homes and trying to maintain as “normal” a life as is possible. And what a lesson we have come to learn: this virus does not discriminate between rich and poor, or between Jewish or Muslim or Christian. This virus doesn’t care much about gender, ethnicity, political affiliation or nationality.

Yes, this is a time for us to take care of ourselves, but not only ourselves. There are the aged to be cared for, the children to be nurtured, and a society that is very much in need of each of our efforts to inhibit the spread of the virus.

Together we will prevail against this invisible enemy so long as we care for and strengthen each other.

Rabbi David Greenberg

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