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The Green Team

Our mission is to inspire our community to be stewards of the earth, consistent with our collective beliefs and with our commandments. Through our various initiatives and actions our focus is on helping reduce our carbon footprint and making our Temple campus a model of environmental stewardship.

Shaaray Tefila Sustainability Philosophy can be found HERE.




WE HAVE JOINED A LOCAL COMMUNITY SOLAR PROJECT to enable renewable energy in New York State.



  • We are enabling a solar energy project to be built in New York.
  • We are helping reduce greenhouse gases in the electricity grid.
  • We are saving the temple money! (We will be receiving a 10 percent discount on our electric bills)




*Sign up for Community Solar for your home (and receive a 10% discount on your electricity bill)

*For more information: https://sustainablewestchester.org/solar

*If you have questions, contact Karen Sabath.

WE HAVE DONE AN ENERGY AUDIT to assess TST’s energy use in the Main Building, Sanctuary and School Building


  • We are initiating many big & small actions to reduce TST's carbon footprint
  • We now have the information to take steps towards upgrading our heating and air conditioning systems, adding temperature controls for heat and air conditioning and even changing more light bulbs


  • Schedule a home energy audit
  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency simply, from your thermostat settings to your light bulbs
  • Consider changing your heating and air conditioning system to more efficient electric options
  • Check for resources at Bedford 2030

WE ARE PLANTING OAK TREES THIS SPRING to help capture carbon and to support natural wildlife around the Temple property


  • Oak trees are native to this region and by choosing to plant native trees (or shrubs or plants) that have always grown in this area, we are doing our part to support the native birds, bees butterflies and other necessary pollinators that help to create a healthy ecosystem
  • We will be bringing lots of new life and vibrancy to our Temple grounds
  • Trees and plants capture carbon from the atmosphere and help reduce our carbon footprint and the more we plant, the better


  • Plant “native” at home this spring
  • Support landscapers who understand the importance of native plantings
  • Think “Diversity” -- A balanced landscape, one that has many different plantings, creates a network and a more robust ecosystem.
  • Look into planting more than one thing, and with a little research, you will find there are many beautiful native options
  • Watch for updates on the oak tree planting at the Temple
  • For more information, check out the Native Plant Center

Message from Rabbi Wilfond

In Genesis, Chapter 2, our Torah reads that God took man and placed him in the garden of Eden, to till it and tend it.

In Psalm 24 we learn: "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof," a dramatic assertion of God's ownership of the land. Our Jewish tradition teaches us to care for our planet in order to preserve that which God has created. The Jewish concept of ba’al tashchit, "do not destroy," forbids needless destruction.

Environmental stewardship is the way in which we, as individuals, and a congregational community, can actualize our commitment to doing better for the planet, as we consider what inspires us from the natural world and how we can make our community healthier and more sustainable, both Jewishly and environmentally.

Interested in joining the Green Team? We always need more energized individuals to support our mission
Thank you to our Green Team Committee…

Our Green Team Committee

  • Ellen Chassin
  • Gary Cohn
  • Lesa Levine Greenfield
  • Joe Grossman
  • Sue Heifitz
  • Cathy Hildenbrand
  • Bob Karpel
  • Karen Sabath (chair)
  • Jill Seraita
  • Susan Shaw
  • Karen Spiegel
  • Andrea Spirn
  • Brenda Yates
  • Harriett Zeller