Israel is strong enough that it could withstand the negative propaganda that two extremist American politicians sought to bring against it. Yet, denying them entry into Israel was a mistake as it would appear that Israel has much to hide when it comes to its treatment of the Palestinians.
But ask a Palestinian under whose rule he would rather live and much of the world would be shocked by the answer. The Palestinian would express appreciation for Israel’s democracy, its free and honest elections and the opportunity for financial advancement. He would point to the corrupt leadership of both the P.L.O. and Hamas. He would speak of how little his leaders have done to improve the lives of the Palestinians and he might even speak of the missed opportunities to establish a Palestinian country on land that Israel has been prepared to relinquish. 
This episode is about much more than a loving granddaughter wanting to visit her elderly grandmother. It is about spreading a negative perception of Israel and feeding those haters who wish for the demise of Israel. It is about spreading and exploiting a negative image of Israel.  
Would that we Jews and all freedom loving people know the reality of Israel and its efforts to remain humane in the face of hatred and repeated acts of terrorism. I for one, proudly support Israel in its quest to provide a homeland not only for Jews but for all who would choose to live in this land of opportunity.  
I wish you a Sabbath of peace, love and tranquility.
Rabbi David Greenberg